Can you see you are already living the dream?

I was feeling a little low last week. Very unusual for me. I think I am shedding a skin and there will be an up-levelled version of me emerging very soon. This can be a tough time because I think there has to be a death of sorts to allow the phoenix to rise again.

It’s very easy to fall into the depths of despair at this point; the old ways no longer serve you but the new is not yet in place. It’s a bit of a void. Things are no fun anymore, the ‘gloss’ has worn off much of life, and it’s all a bit, well, tedious.

And yet…..on reflection, you have much to savour, to bask in, to enjoy. But you struggle to feel that. Things are falling away, to make way for a life anew.

I’ve been here before; there have been many levels of Me. It’s a dark night of the soul for sure, but I know the light emerging will be brighter than ever.

And still, life must go on. Thanks to my mother, the phrase “you can’t stop the world to get off” forever rings in my ears.

This may be true. the world still turns whilst I stew in my existential crisis. But… I can slow my world down. I can stop and breathe, take care of myself, and observe this new era unfolding.

So…. back to practicalities, ‘real life’ as we call it. How does one cope with a personal transformation?

Well now… not everything during a transformative phase will ‘go’. You need to know that you are already ‘living the dream’. I remember many years ago being asked what my life would look like once I was wealthy, successful, happy.

I recall I thought about the morning I would have. How I would get up when I wake up, and not when the alarm was set to ring. How I would drink coffee in my own time and contemplate my day. How I would go for a walk whilst listening to music or an inspiring podcast. How I would then settle down to work, in my own home, with my own schedule, spending my days helping people to create their dream life.

Now hold on….errr that is my life! Wow!!! I was living it but hadn’t seen it.

I hope that, like me, you look up one day, and realise you are living your dream life. Maybe not completely. But you do not go from zero to hero in one day. What would your ‘dream day’ look like? Could you do at least some of that today? Don’t wait for the perfect moment to eat that perfect breakfast, live that perfect morning or sleep well at the end of that perfect day.

Choose something today, right now, that represents your dream life. Live the life now in some way. Just make sure you notice it, acknowledge and appreciate the joy you alone have created.

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