Basking in ‘epicness’

Well don’t I feel good today!

I have a full time job, a part time business and my spare time. I thought long and hard over Christmas about my happiness in all of these domains. Don’t get me wrong, I am innately happy and joyful. As I always say; I have good days and bad moments.

But one thing I cannot stand is anything pointless. I get very VERY bored with that, and when Anita’s bored, shift happens!

At one time in my life that could only mean one thing – rapid, drastic action. I have lived to tell the tale of those times, but my life is different now, and I realised that what I was missing at this time was a sense of contribution.

So I set to. From now on, everything has to have a meaning. Sounds intense eh? I guess what I really mean is that, for me, everything should have a purpose. Doing nothing has a purpose if it’s giving my brain and body a rest. In fact, all my best ideas and inspiration come when I stop and smell the roses.

So I am actually choosing less busyness, and a more meaningful daily life. Now, not everything we do has a point. There are plenty of things I see being done in day jobs that are a waste of everyone’s breath. Everyone knows it’s pointless, but we carry on with the hamsterwheel of mindless bureaucracy. Those kind of things definitely see me silently screaming, and frequently mutter a ‘FFS’.

But this week has been epic. Every day I have gone to bed having done good. I’m a helper. The world is full of us. Clarke Kent types. But the difference is with us, we don’t hop into a phone box to slip our knickers over our leggings and don a cape. I for one, could not manage without my reading glasses like Superman does.

I received the ultimate reward for that this week. I responded to a call for help on a Facebook Group. A lovely lady, at her wits end, through no fault of her own. I took some action (nothing spectacular, all part of the day job stuff, so to speak). A resolution has not yet been reached but good progress has been made.

For me, the greatest benefit is that I was able to provide not just practical but moral support to an already strong women who had been beaten down by systems (you would have been too). The result was lifted spirits, which raises the energy and that is where the magic lies.

The ultimate reward I mention above is that this wonderful lady made a charitable donation to the Red Cross as a thank you. Of course this made my eyes leak!

Today, further progress has been made and I am confident the resolution is in sight.

So I end the week on a high. A bit of community spirit and the hand of friendship goes a long way. You may not be high profile, but if you do good within your own sphere, you are changing the world (your world) for the better.

So keep your glasses on, and your underwear firmly tucked away out of sight. You are still an epic superhero, and all the more so for being somewhat invisible.

I know you are out there, and I salute you x

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