Contribution Is The Key To Happiness

I’ve had a change in perspective. I don’t know if life is forcing us to look for real meaning amongst the limbo, chaos and uncertainty, or it’s a natural phase I am progressing through (could be my age!), but I need to make daily life count more than ever. Instead of me thinking “How can I get the best of today” I want to know what I can contribute, to myself and to other people. I’m really happy with this new ‘ambition’. Seems like I am not the only one, I am hearing this more and more. It’s a wonderful thought that alongside some very dark days, frustrations and losses that many people have faced, and are still facing, that our human spirit shines through. I have faith in humanity, and sometimes we must experience things we don’t enjoy, to feel the contrast and rise up to be who we really are. My childhood mantra of “I can do this all by myself” no longer stands. We are in this together and the experience is all the better for being a shared one.

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