Will The Real Anita Please Step Forward (How To Beat Imposter Syndrome)

So, this has been a real barrier for me. Well, I say ‘real’, but it isn’t is it? It’s actually been a script running through my head. And just like the latest Bond movie, it’s a complete work of fiction.

When I was growing up, it was very common for me to hear “Who does she think she is?” This was not about me, but usually in reference to someone else who was not being met with approval. It could have been because they had a nice car, maybe a new piece of object d’art in their front garden, could even be just a new haircut, or looking good in a pretty dress for no reason at all.

There is a reverse snobbery in some circles, whereby people are looked down upon because they are seen as thinking themselves to be better than their peers. Except, that again is fiction. I always thought it strange that someone could be brought down by wanting to make the best of themselves and their lives, but as I say, it felt like a common occurrence.

So when I started to want to grow in my life, I met with resistance. Of course, it was purely internal, but once I felt that friction, I then saw it reflected back at me in life. So in my mind I would be an outcast for succeeding, which then made me lose heart, and I lost my nerve.

But my gut knew different. My gut knew that the better you are, the more you can do for others. My gut knew that when you are doing good, you shine, and that light inspires other people to also do well.

But let me tell you; even though my gut would not budge in its resolve, it was outnumbered by my head and heart. It was two against one. This manifests in the world too. When the majority believe one thing, it becomes the dominant view. But even if a million people think one way, it doesn’t mean they are right.

Knowing this to be true is one thing, staying true to your own beliefs and living in accordance with them is another. But you must. Despite the feedback from the world, you must do the right thing. For You.

So, who do you think you are? You might know that you are capable of wonderful things, but who you think you are (because you were told, over and over)will dominate.

Let me also tell you this: The mind lies. It’s only doing its primitive job, to keep you from perceived harm. So thank it for that.

Then completely disregard the story. Despite the script, go with your gut, resolutely be you. Live YOUR life, not someone else’s view of what that is. Wear the good shoes. Build a great business. Fearlessly and joyfully enjoy the fruits of your labours. Other people are watching, and you could just be the catalyst that frees them to do the same.

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